hIrSh is still travelling the globe on an epic, neverending (4 years so far) trip aboard a Kona Explosif, you should check out his blog for a little dip into the magic of his bearded travels. Here is an excerpt:

“but hell kids, that was only a couple days ago, and what’s happened since then, and good god what’s happened in my 8 months in india ~before~ then, and what’s happened in now my over four years on the goldblessed road ~before then~, shizznit, lord, johnny rockets, it overwhelms me and i must and gotta remember it all and i bleed and can’t forget that one night in albania either where i slept in that family’s house but the father (understandably so, with two gorgeous daughters) was skeptical about me and was sure to show me that he slept with a dagger and then that one evening sound asleep and the 2am bosnian-herzegovinian military discovery of me in what i’d thought and hoped was an abandoned shack or that motocycle slamming into me and scooting off or that girl in canada way back in 2005 (but that’s a different girl than the one i promised you in the first sentence) or that time i imagined so vividly my very own death such that ~i died~ but was resurrected and given another shot which i’m shooting now….ready….aim….aw hell, it’s a blank”