Introducing the new Honzo Carbon, because who ever said that a hardtail couldn’t be as fun as other ‘trail’ bikes? Who assumed a 29” hardtail couldn’t have an aggressive trail geometry and a carbon frame that can climb almost as fast as it descends? And where is it written that a dropper post and wider/stiffer Boost rear end can’t be utilized on a frame with no moving parts? Nobody and nowhere! We’re just trying to figure out why we didn’t we make the Honzo Carbon’s sooner.  Full video coming July 4th

If you cant wait till July 4th to get your Honzo fix you can check out one of the below “First Looks” at our new carbon Honzo bikes.


Todd Hellinga is going long term and has posted up a very thorough photoset on and his first impressions on the size Medium Honzo CR Trail. You can check them out in the full post here.

Ryan Cleek of Bike Magazine goes in deep with his first look and by the looks of things may actually have a bit of a soft spot for the do it hard tail. “I don’t even know you anymore,” I said to myself while cruising down a flowy trail I know well. For a brief moment, I forgot I was on a hardtail. This speaks to how closely the Honzo’s cockpit and overall front-end handling and feel resembles a full-suspension trail bike in the same travel range. – Ryan Cleek

Screen-Shot-2016-06-17-at-12.13.26-PMAnd’s Mike Levy is straight up gushing about his DL model. He’s already asked if he can hold on to it for longer, and who are we to say deprive him of his new love. It’s not just that it’s good; it’s that it is easy, and a bike that makes you feel like a great rider is probably a great bike. – Mike Levy