Kona has actively been involved in 29-inch wheel mountain bike design and development for eight years now. We were one of the first companies to jump on board the big wheel bandwagon, so it’s no surprise that in 2012, with 13 different 29-inch wheel mountain bike models available, we’re going to do a little bit of claiming. The House of the Big Wheel campaign is built around the four big bike stories of our 2012 29-inch wheel mountain bike program. On one axis we present the Japanese inspired Honzo and Satori: the Honzo being a gravity/all-mountain Kona Cromoly hardtail, the Satori a 130mm technical singletrack trail slayer. On the other axis, the Hawaiian heritage of the Hei Hei 29, our legendary 100mm XC competition destroyer, balanced with the all-new race royalty, the carbon fiber King Kahuna hardtail.

House of the Big Wheel rolls out in a series of print ad placements in fine mountain bike publications around the world, as well as a two part video series. The first film premieres right here right now, as we introduce the Honzo/Satori edit. Filmed in the wild forests and high alpine of the Coast Range, near Squamish, BC, the edit features two of Kona’s longtime 29 product testers, Kevin Noble and Trevor Porter. Episode Two, currently in production, will feature Team Kona XC superstars Barry Wicks and Spencer Paxson on the Hei Hei 29 Supreme and King Kahuna.