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With nearly three million views, I’m guessing most of you have seen this:


Here’s why i think scraper bikes are damn cool, and I want to see stuff like this pop up everywhere.

America is fully in lock-step with car culture. Turning 16 is a landmark in the US, and many kids get a car for that day. Most cities are built around cars, with any form of mass transit or means of transportation other than the automobile is either an afterthought or not a thought at all.

Things are so bad that we cyclists need a holiday to ride to work! Bike to Work Day should be silly, yet we all brag about riding to work on that one day… just to get back into cars right afterwards.

Here’s where Scraper Bikes come in. These kids got sick of car culture. Partly because they couldn’t afford it, and for that, we’re lucky. Instead of collecting cars, painting them up and putting big rims on them to only to cruise around town, they took bikes and did the same thing.

“I don’t need a car, gas price too high.”

At a recent “Bike Culture Summit” in NYC, The Bike Snob himself commented on how bike culture is bad. While i think the point he was trying to make was noble, it came off as, well, snarky. Go figure, right? Scraper Bikes have shown that Bike Culture is not only alive and well, but good for their community and the surrounding community.

Champ, the Scraper Bike King talks about kids getting away from drugs and petty crime and getting into bikes. If that’s not good for a community, I don’t know what is. To top it all off, kids are growing up looking forward to getting on bikes and riding, and not getting in cars.

I won’t paraphrase this stuff any more. The Scraper Bike guys have released a new video. It’s worth a few minutes out of your day.