The-switchI have recently landed in the beautiful town of Reykjavik, Iceland. I’m here to do a story with Sterling Lorence for Bike Magazine which will have us adventuring deep into one of the most spectacular landscapes on earth. Straddling the intersection of the North American and European continental plates, Iceland is a land of, well, every possible geologic formation available: geysers to glaciers, lush mossy waterfalls to arid planes of dust and desert.

Currently, we’re organizing vehicles and locations, in preparation to venture deep into this wild land. It didn’t stop us from enjoying the civility and culture of the capital city, Reykjavik. Here, Land Rovers and babes with wild outfits cruise cobblestone streets lined with funky shops, cool bars and amazing restaurants. Just a few months ago, a trip like this would have drained the expense account, but since the country declared bankruptcy with the recent stock market crash, things are quite affordable. Another person’s pain for our gain. But what do you do? In fact, we’ve been welcomed with open arms. The populous realizes that tourism may in fact be the country’s saviour, as its once incredibly aggressive financial policies are currently being reavaluated and retooled.

Look for more updates as myself and Kona rider (on his new Abra Cadabra), Joe Schwartz head into the Icelandic wilds with photographer Sterling Lorence and riders Matt Hunter and Andrew Shandro.

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