Click on the image to read a great review of the Entourage and Entourage DL by Fabian Scholz of Mag 41. “The idea behind the new geometry is clear: to create a perfect balance between smoothness and agility in corners,” writes Scholz, who attended Kona’s Entourage/Operator launch at the Kona CransMontana Bike Park this past fall. “Extremely playful, agile and willing, the Kona comes to any kind of curve and pushes for pulling, knocking over and jumping. At the same time, however, it creates a balance of good smooth running in rough woods and at fast speeds. In short, the handling is superb. With its joyful absorbing landing gear, the incredibly playful geometry and the good qualities, the Entourage awakens the Kona Downhill nostalgic memories of the New World Disorder times.” Thanks Fabian!