We are excited to announce our roster of 2022 Kona Ambassadors. Our team spans 13 countries all around the globe from Mexico, to New Zealand, Finland, Texas and beyond. We have gravel grinders, dirt jumpers, trail builders, world-renowned artists, illustrators, scientists, moms, dads, type-2 lovers, die-hard commuters, EBike aficionados, downhill racers, filmmakers, photographers, writers, craft-makers, poets, and people that just plain love bikes. We hope you can see yourself in someone on this program, as the aim is to bring real-life people and their real-life stories to the forefront. This is a team of people who love to share their pursuits of adventure, no matter how big or small they may be, and if this team can get just one person motivated to do something new on a bike, then their goal is achieved.

So meet this year’s crew of ambassadors, and follow along on the Cog and our social media platforms throughout the year!

Stay tuned for adventures that run the gauntlet from true epics to simple backyard, homegrown setups that keep the busy ones sane. We will have videos, art projects, photo montages, and more to come throughout the year! If you’re on Instagram, be sure to follow the #konaambassadors hashtag for their latest posts!