DSC_0146Saturday morning Wendy “suggested” that I skip the ROC run at Doumont as she did not want to be without the car. Instead we headed to Lindley Valley. We bumped into Donna who was out for a run (looking under-dressed in the cold weather). Marty decided he wanted to run with Donna and me….so we went off. Wendy decided her body did not want to walk very far so she did not…

At 11am Wendy asked if I had to go to the shop to cover Kathie from 12-1:30….again a “suggestion” that it might not be a good idea.

12:00 contractions started.

I was under strict instructions to call the mid wife when the contractions were 3 in 10 minutes or Wendy’s water broke. Stop watch in hand I started to take splits. I was not told that I could give the mid wife a heads up at any point just so they could adjust their day if needed….details.

2:00 3 contractions in under 10 minutes. Mid wife called.

2:30 Mid wife at house for first visit. Everything “normal”. I later learn that “normal” usually means VERY PAINFULL for Wendy!

3:00 Mid wife leaves to go get Wendy’s file from the office and get some gear for the day. Says she will be back at 4:00.

3:58 Water breaks.

4:00 no mid wife so norm calls.

4:00:15 mid wife arrives and norm hangs up the phone.

5:00 We leave for the hospital after letting Marty out to go to the washroom 2X in one hour….he looks at me like….didn’t I JUST go outside?

5:02 Mini is VERY nice but Wendy complaining about the stiffness of the suspension.

5:04 Arrive at hospital…this time we take the elevator.

5:10 all checked in (mid wife took care of everything)

5:10 to 9:58 a LOT of PAIN…but surprisingly only one curse word and no

9:58 Tycho arrives. Wendy said that if he came out in a helmet with a lit suit on we could keep the working name of Tron…no luck! Darn it!

11:15 Norm departs for food….only thing open is McDonalds….oh well once a year is not too bad.

11:15 to present and beyond…not too much sleep but a lot of fun.

Thanks for all the e-mails, facebook comments and text’s from everyone. People comment that “we” must be very proud….well we are very excited….Tycho has not done much to be “proud” of yet….although I
personally think he might be an exceptional farter….we are super happy for sure. VERY impressed with the hospital facilities at Nanaimo General and SUPER impressed with Margaret our mid wife. I can tell you though I am incredibly proud of Wendy. She went through an immense amount of pain and called for “the drugs” but got through it all. As my brother Jamie (not blood brother) who went through this in May with Wendy’s sister Sharon says, “It is quite something”!…..it certainly is!

Will try to keep you updated if you would like.

Thanks again for all your well wishes.

-Norm, Wendy, Tycho and Marty

This report written by Wendy’s husband and Trans-Rockies racing partner Norm Thibault. All Kona staff and friends send their best wishes to Wendy & Norm for many happy adventures with Tycho.”

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