By Ambassador Kyla Forsberg

Self isolating for an extended period of time is hard for anyone. For those of us who struggle with mental illness, it can take an even deeper toll. I can already feel depression creeping in. Like many others, I’m working from home, don’t know what day it is, and I haven’t worn real pants in weeks.

I should be racing cross country MTB races right now, or getting ready for some enduros but race season, as well as everything else, has been cancelled or postponed. All thanks to Covid-19.

Washington State lockdown order is in full effect. Trails are closed. We’re encouraged to ride, but only to areas we can access from our homes. I happen to life across the street from a lake that gets drained every winter so today I decided to go check that out.

Lake Tapps isn’t quite full of water yet so I was able to find some sandy, rocky, lake bed ground to play around in. The dike that runs next to the lake is almost totally secluded. It offered a great area to practice track stands, wheelies, and rock dodges.

By then end of this pandemic I better be a wheelie expert with all the practice time I have.

It’s not what I’d like to be riding on, but its better then nothing and we all have to think out of the box right now.

 I miss my friends, the smell of the woods, the exhilarating feeling you get when sending it off a drop, the Pacific Northwest mist on my skin, even the mud in my mouth when I ride through slop. I know those days will come again. Those are the thoughts keep my hope alive and strong.

Today one of my bike friends dropped off tacos and beer on our doorstep, from a safe distance away of course.  Friends, bikes, beer and taco’s. Today almost felt normal.

 I know I’m not alone. We’re all in this together my friends.

 I hope this finds you all safe, healthy, and working on bike skills from the safety of your own space.