The Fontana winter series 5 at the tucky was a success! I got 2nd for the overall series and second that race! I messed up a little on the top section but had a decent bottom section and a Great Wall time! The course was super tech. It was easy to ride just hard to go fast. I managed to put in some solid practice runs and ended up second ! I was 6 seconds behind Bruce last race and I was 4 seconds behind him this race so that a solid notification of improvement! I can’t wait until the nationals! I heard the course is going to be gnar and I’m stoked to see what comes! Thankyou Neil for the dialed helmet and the dialed new kits! Everyone was telling me they like em a lot! Thankyou Kelly for coming out and putting up the tent and supporting out there! The bike is feeling good! I’m learning more and more from each race thank you guys!