Each year I have the privilege of travelling to Calgary to run a bike camp at the Canada Olympic Park (COP). This Kona Groove-Approved Bike Park lies just outside the booming city of Cowtown, on the site of the 1988 Olympic Winter Games. This mountain is not much by my lofty British Columbia standards, but what it lacks in dramatic relief it makes up for in quality of the bike park.

The Gravity Logic boys had their way with this park a few years ago, and their efforts are still noticed in the swoopy berms and fun jump lines. It is a great place to coach, as there is a bit of everything, from jump trails to a dh course, even a pretty extensive skills area. The week was great, I had a full group of very excited youngsters. We had great weather all week, and the kids had a fun time (I include myself as one of the kids). Everyone had some breakthrough moments during the week, which as a coach is always very satisfying for me to see.
Aside from the camp, a highlight for me was finally making it out to Moose Mountain to check out the local downhill area. I had heard about this spot for years, and never found the time to go rip it. I am glad it finally worked out, it was a sick evening. The trails are well maintained, with tons of variety. My favourite moments were ones that included some badass rock gardens, and other sections with super-booters into nice smooth transitions. It was very enjoyable to go fast down some new trails, and get some lofty air under the wheels of my Stinky. I didn’t shoot any video or photos that evening, so you will just have to take my word for it, and check out Moose next time you are in the Calgary area.