World Cup number one was in Maribor this past weekend and ended up being one of the gnarliest tracks of the World cup circuit due to the wet, muddy, greasy and rainy conditions ever. This was perfect for our boy Smitty the Red from Wales who took his first top ten in World Cup with an 8th place finish.

From the walk the course day right until race day… nothing but rain.

This made for one of the muddiest and treacherous race courses of the year. A great way to start the World cup season. Also very good for the racers from the UK where this is regular riding conditions for them. Run after run the boys battled the conditions and poor Josh battled extra hard with goggle issues with the mud soaked course finishing 34th.
Joe was feeling it and just let the Stab run. Things worked out for the kid from Wales and placed eighth with the who’s who of the World cup circuit.

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Top 10 Men:

1 Greg Minnaar 3:23.42
2 Gee Atherton
3 Brendan Fairclough
4 Fabien Pedemanaud
5 Samuel Hill
6 Steve Smith – Can
7 Aaron Gwin
8 Joseph Smith
9 Justin Leov
10 Cameron Cole

Special thanks goes out to our Kona man in Slovenia, Bostjan for lending out the helping hand for our two Kona factory racers.

All photos courtesy of Ale Di Lullo