Longtime Kona friend and photographer John Gibson is probably sitting on more Paul Basagoitia images than anyone on the planet (including Paul’s parents). Gibby documented almost every Kona trip Paul took part in and was one of the main stills photographers for Freeride Entertainment and their New World Disorder series of videos which Paul featured in heavily. So when Gibby dug into his archives over the weekend and put together this look back at his time shooting with his good buddy we couldn’t help but share it.

Like Gibby, we just wish Paul and his partner Nichole all the best with his recovery and look forward to riding with our buddy again soon.

Paul Basagoitia is a titan in the world of freeride mountain biking. He had a big crash at this year’s Rampage and is now on the road to recovery.

Here’s some photos of the man we call PB doing what he’s done best over the years. There’s a fundraiser set up – please click on it and help him out.


1.PaulBasagoitia9708Paul Basagoitia. San Marcos, CA. 2005

PaulB.Crankworx2004PB won the 2004 Crankworx slopestyle contest on a bike he borrowed from fellow Nevadan Cam Zink. He soon signed with Kona & went on to win Crankworx again in 2005.

Paul Bassagoitia 4Shooting film with Paul Bas in Whistler. 2005.

Gibson.PB.2005.8566Vancouver. 2005.

PaulBasagoitia8997Shooting for New World Disorder in Brazil. 2006.

PaulBasagoitia9234Ilhabela, Brazil. 2006.

PaulBasagoitia0064Paul Bass fishing in Brazil.

PaulBasagoitiaAlexFostvedt9499Making movies with Axl Fostvedt of Freeride Entertainment for NWD in Utah.PaulBasagoitia9928Shooting near his hometown of Minden, Nevada for NWD 8 in 2007.

PaulBasagoitiaAlexFostvedt9822Getting the shots for New World Disorder in Nevada. 2007.

PaulBasagoitia9523On the road with Paul Basagoitia. Utah.PaulBasagoitia5137Wall ride in Santa Barbara, California. 2007.

PaulBasagoitia5073Smith photo shoot. Santa Barbara, California. 2007.

PaulBasagoitia9603MorphTailwhip. Crankworx 2007.

PaulBasagoitia9575Back to Utah. Shooting for New World Disorder.

PaulBasJohnCowan5088Paul B and John Cowan Kona Clump/NWD shoot in Chapelco, Argentina. 2007.

PaulBasagoitiaJohnCowan9153Paul Basagoitia and John Cowan evening session.

PaulBasagoitia5439PB Superman in Argentina. 2007.

Gibson.PB.2005.0797World DH Champion Fabien Barel & PB. Kona Bowling Tournament. Las Vegas 2005.

PaulBasagoitiaD.Berrecloth0601Paul Basagoitia smoked Darren Berrecloth with a folding chair while shooting the opening segment for the movie NWD 8: Smackdown. Lunchbox Larry officiated the proceedings.

PaulBasagoitiaMorph5089Shooting the Red Bull Snakepit in Ymir, B.C.

PaulBasagoitia3880PB. Indian Air. Ymir, B.C.

GibsonJohnIMG_9182Shooting with Freeride Entertainment in Utah. 2008.

JG_100608_rampage_0215Paul Bas 360. Red Bull Rampage. 2008.

Gibson.J.SG7R3648In 2009 PB & the Lacondeguy brothers along with the rest of the Kona team hit the road for the Stumps, Clump and Jumps Tour right after Crankworx. Destination: San Francisco.

Gibson.J.SG7R3457On the way he cracked some mean tables at the Colonnade Bike Park in Seattle, WA.

Gibson.J.GI4M2365John Cowan built two sets of dirt jumps on a floating barge and we soon set sail.

Gibson.J.SG7R5602Paul B: Superman on the barge.

Gibson.J.GI4M2510PB back flip next to Alcatraz.

Gibson.J.GI4M2596Paul B backflip on the barge. San Francisco. 2009.

Gibson.J.SG7R6120The boys finished off the tour performing a jump session in the harbor in front of about 60,000 fans at a San Francisco Giants game. From left: Robbie Bourdon, Lluis Lacondeguy, Paul Basagoitia, John Cowan, Brandon Semenuk & Andreu Lacondeguy.

Gibson.PB.B11E7976Shooting with Paul Bas and Cam Zink in Reno. 2011.

Paul Basagoitia-ActionPaul Basagoitia. Red Bull Rampage 2015.

JG_20151013_Rampage_0165I ride for Paul Basagoitia.  http://www.road2recovery.com/cause-view/irideforpaul/