Josh Button and the 2010 Australian National mountain bike Championships, Eagle Park, Adelaide, Australia.

The Aussie champs have been awarded to the Eagle Mountain bike park facility in Adelaide for the next 3 years. Although I love coming to Radelaide the only downer about this place was that in previous years the Eagle bike park downhill track has never been a good, fun track. This year Gary Patterson and his company trailscape have got world cup rider and great mate of mine Will Rischbieth onboard to help them turn the downhill track into something techy, fun and exciting.

And upon arrival into the eagle park I was blown away at how good the track has turned out.
Although the track is only two minutes long, it literally has everything in it, steep, fast, techy rocks, rad turns and jumps but still requires a little bit of fitness which will reward the athletes who have been training.
Practice started Wednesday which meant we had 4 full days practice before raceday. I was pumped with that because the more time I got to spend on my bike the better.

The first couple of days I spent punching out runs and setting up my bike for the track. Myself and 6 other riders were all staying at the Rischbieth household, so a lot of arvos after practice were spent in Wills immaculate shed, talking trade, shooting darts and drinking milks.

I felt I had a bit of speed on this track and come seeding day, I proved to myself and everyone else that I was back up to pace on my new Kona Stab. I had a good smooth seeding run and ended up seeding in 4th place with a time of 1:59.76 behind the like of Sam Hill and Chris Kovarik in first and second respectively.