As content manger for Kona I get to look after everything that we post here on the COG, as well as all our social media channels. I get to put up some pretty cool stuff, the Ti Tuesday posts recently have been particularly popular, giving people a lot of inspiration on what you can do with a Kona when you build it custom. Today though, I decided it was time to be a little bit selfish and post my latest personal build and the first in a series of #konadreambuilds.

Of all the bikes in Kona’s line up, the one I was most excited about owning when I started working here was our classic steel Honzo. I had to wait a while for an XL to come up, but a few weeks back I finally managed to snag one and got to setting it up. I tried to build it as indestructible as I could for the trails here in Squamish (and my less than delicate riding style).calebs-steel-honzo-8521calebs-steel-honzo-8504

Gravity’s burly and affordable Grid crankset powers the whole thing. It’s not the lightest set out there, but it’s super stiff and it features their take on the whole narrow/wide thing, Megatooth.


Out the back the is the always reliable XX1 rear mech as well as a used cassette that’s a little worse for wear.


Sticking with Gravity’s Grid components I went with their alloy wheelset. Its asymmetrical build makes for a strong and stiff wheel and the 27mm internal diameter means that I can run lowish pressures in the tires.


About a two years ago I started running WTB’s tough casing Vigilantes, in that time I’ve flatted once. It’s hands down the best all round tire I’ve ever used. On this particular bike I’m running the light casing up front and the tough out the back. The wheels are tubeless ready and I set them up with a cheap floor pump first try.


Stopping is a bit of a retro affair with some classic custom SRAM Blackbox XO Trails.


The cockpit is the super comfy ENVE DH bar cut to 760mm combined with a 50mm Easton Haven stem.


And as much as people hate on the Fox DOSS post I love it. I’ve had this since Fox launched them and it’s still going strong…


…Even with the classic beer can shim.


Real Steel. Don’t ever watch that Hugh Jackman movie. Ever.


I’m running the bike quite long given my 6ft 4 stature, but there is still plenty of room to slam it in thanks to the horizontal sliding dropouts.


And there’s also a ton of room for some bigger tires too, not that I’ll ever be changing from these.


Thanks Dain for the bottle, it even matches the colour scheme.