After five days of tough racing through the Pisgah Forest, Kona Endurance Team Rider, Kerry Werner has managed to earn himself a third win at this legendary East Coast stage race. The last two days had it all, rain, hero dirt, brutal rock gardens, slippery roots, and did we mention hero dirt already? Kerry stayed glued to Carson’s wheel for both days and managed to maintain the huge buffer he’d secured on day one. Congratulations Kerry!


Day 4
“Another bigger day on tap with the chunkiest section of trail in the forest, Pilot Mtn. I glued myself to Carson’s wheel and gave her the beans, again. We unseated an 11-year Strava KOM to get up there and then flailed our way down. Had a tip over in the rock garden but luckily the bike and body were fine. I kept air in the tires and didn’t lose any time to Carson on the day. That means heading into the final day I have an 11 min cushion. However, It rained all night and we will start in the rain on day five. Trails are going to be spicy and roots are going to be slick. No easy days in the Pisgah.”

Day 5
“The final stage started off wet but finished up real nice. A dropped chain on the final descent took me out of the running for the stage win meaning I won the whole kit and caboodle but never won a single day’s stage. It was a good week battling with Carson for the GC and probably the best condition the trails have been in for my 6-7 year Pisgah Stage Race history. Thanks for watching y’all.”