Kona staff secured the pole position at the main entrance to the Outerbike venue, where every attendee had the pleasure of walking by our tents as they entered the event. We sucked in those walking pedestrians and turned them into cyclists as they left our tents on flashy 2011 Kona Magic Link equipped mountain bikes. It seems all who rode our bikes tried their best to destroy them on Moab’s unforgiving rocky landscape.

We kept looking for issues on each bike as they returned from 4hr shuttle runs, but couldn’t find much past a dry squeaky chain and the occasional flat tire. What we did find were lots of smiles on riders’ faces as they returned to the shade of our Kona tents. Most would sit down with us and share a cold beverage while they told and retold stories of their trail endeavors.

For us, Outerbike became an event of personal interaction with our customers. Kona staff had the time to connect with each individual that rode our bikes. We met a lot of fine folks, listened to grand stories of trail shredding, crashing, and lots more smiling and laughing. It was a pleasure to be involved with Outerbike this year, and we hope it continues to grow for years to come