We sent Kona Team member Graham Agassiz into the wilds of his interior British Columbia homeland to see what he thought. With 170mm of super plush travel, ultra short chainstays and geometry that’s quick, intuitive, and totally committed to going down, the Entourage is all about progression Kona style. And if the feedback from one of the world’s best big mountain riders is any indication, we’re on to something good. Get the real lowdown from Agassiz and his fellow gang member, Kona’s Gravity Product Manager, Chris Mandell. Together they’ve crafted a jewel, one explained in detail through our newly released Proto Testing video, and in a Sneak Peek interview with Mandell where he breaks down the design philosophy and marquee features of the all-new 2012 Kona Entourage.

Check out the Entourage Sneak Peek microsite, featuring an interview with Kona’s Gravity Product Manager, Chris Mandell

Kona 2012 Entourage Proto Testing with Graham Agassiz from Christopher Halcrow on Vimeo.