This past Monday and Tuesday some 60 Kona dealers and their staff converged at the Kona USA headquarters in Bellingham, Washington to learn about and ride our new 2013 collection of Kona bikes. As always, it’s a great time connecting with our fine dealers from all over North America. Based out of our test center at Lake Paddon, gateway to the endless singletrack of Mt. Galbraith, along with Kona Team riders, reps and staff, we rode Roves, Dews, Zing Supremes, Processes, Satoris, Kitsunes and Hei Heis. At night we bowled, played lawn games and drank sweet tasting Ninkasi Beer. Thanks to all our dealers for making the voyage to the Kona Launch!

The Kona Thumbs Up Logo is back!

Sweet trail riding crew.

Kona’s Gravity Product Manager Chris Mandell goes through his bikes with Kona dealers.

Mike from Sellwood Cycles in post-ride recovery mode.

Space bowling. Kona and Maxxis donated $10 for every strike to local Bellingham cycling advocacy. 302 strikes in the first go!

The Lake Padden demo center.