2 years of discussion, planning and building led to a climactic confluence on September 7th and 8th when 88bikes unveiled its first, mobile, sustainable 88bikeshop, and 51 kids at the Whitehorse High School in Montezuma Creek, Navajo Nation, received bikes! The bikes were carefully chosen. They needed to be bad ass and functional, hip, urban, simple, but also able to take on the endless miles of rambling dirt roads, paths and trails that crisscross the Navajo Nation. Kona’s World Bike was the perfect choice. A three speed internal geared hub saves hours of pain digging sand and dirt and the ruthless goat head stickers out of derailleurs. Fat, slick tires provide maneuverability on the ragged dirt roads while also delivering a smooth, clean ride on pavement. The steel frames are up to the rugged conditions of the Nation. The black matte paint job gave the bikes an edginess the kids dug–while also providing a palette on which they could personalize their bikes. Graffiti artist and 88bikes volunteer Benji Pierson spent two afternoons with the kids designing stencils, choosing spray paint colors and helping them put everything from hearts to Transformers logos on their new rides… After the Moment of Happy, 88bikes took the kids on a short, guided ride through the desert, the 88bikeshop set up halfway to provide maintenance and snacks. The Navajo Nation Tribal Police even provided an escort through tiny Montezuma Creek. The World Bikes performed beautifully. Many kids told 88bikes how they were now going to ride to school, ride for fun–there was even talk of starting a bike club! 88bikes plans to follow up in the coming months with workshops, clinics and of course, more bike rides!

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