Kona Ambassadors Jer Collins and Aimee Gilchrist have been cycling through the Dolomites for the past week and on their Sutra LTD’s and Jer drew this amazing illustration to answer bike setup questions from his Instagram followers. It’s just not big enough on your phone to appreciate its awesomeness, so here it is, just a little bigger! 

I’ve had a few questions on our kit for our ride through the Dolomites. I kept track in my journal so as to not forget.

@clint_yeastwood and I rode the same bikes: Kona Sutra LTDs. Steel, sturdy and attractive. They straddle the line between MTB and gravel, which was perfect because we intended to avoid roads as much as possible.

Our bike-pack kits were the waterproof Scape line from @brooksengland – sleek and functional. It rained on us a LOT and nothing got wet… at least in the packs.

We strictly used @komoot for navigation via iPhone AND Garmin 1030. “She” took us on some wild goose chases through the woods, farmland, dark corridors, and mid-mountain tunnels. I kept yelling “are you serious?!” at “her”, but “she” always got us where we planned to go. Our routes are public if you use the app, although I wouldn’t recommend every turn we took without full suspension or good hiking shoes.

Everything else is… well, zoom in and see.