Bringing a whole new level of service to where you need it the most.

Ever find yourself on an amazing ride, deep in the heart of the mountains on a day that would inspire the best bloggers to over hashtag the word epic on their Instagram photos, only to have your cassette blow up and turn into a future wind chime leaving you stranded? Or maybe your last Fondo was a dud because your friends all ran out of tubes that you never bothered to bring. Sure, we’ve all been there. And we want to make sure that it never happens again.


Your turn to stash the mid-ride beverages and you were to lazy to get them there? HeyWe’reHereToHelpYa

That’s why Kona has teamed up with a very prominent on-line retailer to take trail side repair to the ultimate level. Introducing the HeyWe’reHereToHelpYa drone delivery service.


Chamois cream starting to wear a little thin? HeyWe’reHereToHelpYa

Born out of want and developed to cover your mistakes. Simply download the App to your Apple device (no android or Blackberry OS’ Apps are in development) and when trouble strikes on your ride naturally reach for your phone and open the app to select the parts and level of service required. Within a reasonable amount of time the order will be fulfilled and whisked away by a drone that is homing in on your location utilizing the very first version of Apple Maps (delivery times and actual delivery locations to vary). It’s just that easy, and the possibilities are endless.

Zipper on your Hip Bag split and your Slim Jims fare littering the trail? HeyWe’reHereToHelpYa

Lose your shoes in the middle of your ride?HeyWe’reHereToHelpYa

Crash your bike in the middle of a high speed decent and require medial attention? Call 911

So download the App for free tomorrow and begin a whole new trail life, free of ever being prepared or responsible.