Sherwood, Oregon. 1,200 strong who lined up for today’s Crusade in the Sherwood Equestrian Park were more concerned with overheating and seeing through the clouds of dust on the sunny, dry day.

The long, challenging course began with a fast, descending start as racers navigated a 180-degree turn into an s-dive down the staging hilltop. Following the descent came a steep, tacky run-up, which only a handful of Elite racers could ride. As racers crested the hill, a dry double track took them alongside wheat fields and through oak groves, down a screaming, tire-rolling descent and then up to a set of barriers, through another grove and across a barrier-plus-ravine dismount. “Every time I thought I’d go flying off the road and into the ditch,” said winner Ryan Trebon (Kona-FSA) of the corner preceding the barriers. Though many racers would have been happy with this much challenging course, they still had to climb the longest ascent of the series so far: a gradual, two-hump gravel climb that sapped all remaining strength from the legs.

In the women’s race, Alice Pennington (S&M Racing) used her toughness and climbing prowess to distance all challengers and establish her lead at the top of the series. This marked Pennington’s first Crusades victory of the season after hard-fought battles to claim the second step the past two weeks.

Men’s Results

Pl Num First Name Last Name Team City Age Laps Time
1 3 Ryan Trebon Kona Bend 29 10 01:01:57.00
2 124 Chris Sheppard Rocky Mountain Bicycles P/B Shimano Bend 37 10 01:02:21.00
3 15 Sean Babcock Kona/Team S&M Beaverton 27 10 01:03:55.00
4 131 Molly Cameron Portland Bicycle Studio Portland 34 10
5 10 Aaron Tuckerman Corsa Concepts Portland 27 10
6 58 Erik Tonkin Team S+M Portland 36 10
7 52 Ian Brown river city bicycles/tonic fab Portland 31 10
8 4 Shannon Skerritt Corsa Concepts Portland 39 9 01:00:38.00
9 29 Graham Howard Rocky Mountain Blues portland 25 9 01:01:05.00
10 38 Scott Bradway Team S&M/Sellwood Cycle Repair Portland 39 9 01:01:10.00