Well, it was a very emotional week in the Utah desert. We worked our butts off, struggled to sleep for the nerves, all in an attempt to give our athletes everything they needed to succeed. Rampage is a beast, a moving target that hits you everywhere all at once. If you can’t tell from the pictures and the film, you need to realize that these athletes are risking everything just by competing.

Yesterday was tough on a lot of levels. Aggy came a crash away from winning the event on his first run, slipping a grip on a final transfer gap. His Bicycle Cafe build crew from Kamloops (below) created by far one of the most impressive lines on the course, finishing it just minutes before the Finals. It was emotional for all of us to see Aggy come so close to a perfect weekend: winning qualification and finals. But after the dust settled, we all realized how much impact he had this year, he was definitely shining as one of the very best big mountain riders in the world.

Defending his 2nd place from last year, Antoine, who crashed at the top on his first run, wasn’t able to get a second run in because high winds caused organizers to cancel the event. While it was heartbreaking to watch so many of hours of hard work not get ridden, we could all breathe a sigh of relief. With two heli-evacs already today, and the stakes enormously high, we all knew Antoine was ready to let it all hang out. His planned line, which include a double back flip, a front flip, and a couple other back flips for good measure, could have won the event as well. Instead he rolled down the ridge, bummed, but safe and healthy.

Our third rider in the Finals, Paul Bas, had a great run going until he over rotated on a 360 at the bottom, ending his goal to try and crack the top 10. Paul received a ton of press this weekend for his steeze and return to form. The man is a legend at 26. So, we all return unscathed, sunburned and with dust still packed in our ears. Here’s to our athletes who do stunning things on bicycles, as well as our team sponsors, especially SRAM, who gave us huge support at this year’s Rampage.