Sometimes we get Kona’s Marketing Dude to go to events, talk to people and take some photos. Here’s a quick look at the Kona action Mitch Scott was able to capture at this year’s Sea Otter Classic.

The most exciting racing action came by the long, powerful legs of Kona Team Manager/Rider Barry Wicks. 5th place in the short track, riding his enduro-built 130mm Satori. The announcer couldn’t believe it. Here he is hanging tough off the start.

Barry laying down some longtravel beats. Seriously, couldn’t believe his bike choice. The guy’s a great marketer.

Kona DH rider Mitch Delfs qualified for the finals in the Dual Slalom riding the Entourage DL.

He lost to 2nd place finisher Troy Brosnan in the first round. Good show mate!

Here’s Delfs steezing it out for the crowd in the DH. Tons of people at this year’s Otter.

In other news, Easton was promo-ing the rad new Havoc 35 Win an Entourage Contest. Go HERE to enter a tricked out Easton Entourage and a weekend shredding with Aggy. You got to check out their new Havoc 35 stuff. It’s radical!

We also had Paul Bass’ Entourage on display at the GoPro booth. Unfortunately I had to talk to people during the Speed and Style, where Bass got 3rd. As for GoPro. We love these guys. Keep your eyes open for a sick Aggy/GoPro/Sea Otter edit out soon.

It was a good sunny time down at Sea Otter. A bluesky sign that bike season is finally here. Put on your war paint people!