We’ve just returned home from a whirlwind three days at the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival in…you guessed it…Sedona, Arizona. Normally when we think of ascending upon the desert we think of sunburns, dry and arid conditions, and tank tops for days. Not this time. The weather Gods decided to play weather roulette with us, and we essentially got to play in all four seasons over the course of three days. There was rain, lightning, graupel, fierce winds, snow and…yes a little bit of sunshine. The cool thing about the desert is because it’s such dry air, the trails dry out so fast, so the riding was only minimally affected.
We had a solid crew representing Kona. A few folks from marketing, sales, and our demo team was there to ensure plenty of people got to try out carbon Hei Heis, Process 153s, and Process 134 CRs. Every morning started with a mad dash to get people checked in and bikes checked out. Alongside our ambassador Leah Lind-White, we hosted daily party rides where every participant got a Kona-branded party shirt to wear on the ride and take home as a souvenir. These are all one-of-a-kind and we hope to see them at future events!

When the weather decided to shut down demos for the day, we opted to turn on the party. We hosted a mini jump jam and manual contest with our cool new rigs from Sender Ramps, we had a pinata stuffed with all kinds of goodies for people of all ages, we had some tasty beverages, plenty of music, and endless hilarious conversations. The vibes were flowing all through the weekend and there’s a good chance we’ll continue to get a little weird on each of our Demo Tour Deluxe stops.

Up next for the Demo Tour is the Hurricane MTB Festival in…once again you guessed it…Hurricane, Utah (Pro tip, it’s actually pronounced HUR-KIN) on March 25-27. Come hang with Jimmy and his doggo Ruger and get your butt on a Kona!