Welcome to Ride2Rescue! A journey that takes our team across the globe for an epic cause.
Join us as we cycle for over 25,000 km exposing the reality of child trafficking that exists throughout the world. Child Trafficking is said to be the third most profitable industry worldwide, after drugs and weapons. Child Trafficking occurs every day, children are being sold for as little as $10 into underground brothels, sweat shops and recruited to fight in wars. With the help of programs like World Vision Australia’s Child Rescue we all have the power to make a difference and work together to abolish child slavery.

Ride2Rescue’s purpose is to raise the awareness of child trafficking and raise much needed funds. For as little as $15 a month you can help support this important initiative to rescue, rehabilitate and protect children. To put things in perspective the cost of supporting Child Rescue is about the same cost of purchasing one coffee a week. Please pledge here to support World Vision’s Child Rescue.

Click here to find out all about the project and explore other ways you can help.