Kona Canada’s Marc Prinzivalli reports: Tofino, BC, Canada. “Half the pace, twice the fun,” as they say over there. It is a small city in the far west of Vancouver Island. It’s a quiet, gorgeous, and relaxing place, surrounded by water. Surf, that’s what the locals live for. And now, thanks to their brand new bike park, biking too is in the middle of every conversation in town.

The guys over there did a great job of putting together a fun, elegant, yet engaging bike park for everyone to ride. That’s the kind of park kids will be riding all day long, rain or shine, where older kids can practice their skills, over and over, and simply have lots of fun!

Here at Kona, when we heard of the official opening of the park, we decided to jump on our bikes and make our way there! Packed up the Ute and MinUte with all of our camping gear and survival 6 packs, and we were on our way. A short bus ride later (yes, the Ute fits on the Vancouver city bus bike racks!), we hopped on the ferry to Nanaimo, BC, where the Tofino bus was waiting to take us to the waves.

As soon as our arrival there, the good guys from Tofino Bus Dylan and Jorge welcomed us with open arms. Tofino Bus is our partner there. They rent bikes, the Downside of course to hit the park and those really cool Humu’s mounted with special surfboard racks so you can head to the beach in style feeling the wind in your hair.

As soon as we got there, Jorge took us straight to the park for a session, to test the Downside’s they just received and try out those sweet jumps. Some local riders joined us to try the bikes. I’ve seen style in my riding life, but a surfer dude throwing a no foot wearing gum boots on his second run, that’s one I’ll remember!

A few hours later… came the rain, and never left until we did. After a night spent in a cheap camping tent under pouring rain, we woke up with a river running through it (those who have experienced that would understand the frustration!). But everything fell in place after a warm and dry breakfast, and we made our way to the official opening of the park.

Rain, and more rain… and still lots of people showing up for the opening. The mayor cutting the ribbon, kids all around checking out their new Xmas presents, and locals proud of their city, were tagging along to support something new and exciting. And people kept riding, as if the pouring rain was only a cloud in the sky. One after the other wanted a chance to try out that thing which doesn’t float on the water, and the laughs and smiles never stopped. Damn, it’s amazing, that feeling you get from riding bikes!

Hours flew past, and it was time to get back into a dry environment, the pub ! Tofino’s way up there when it comes to local food, beer and atmosphere. Then with the rain still pouring like crazy outside, there was only one thing left to do: go surfing !!! Jorge knows everyone in town and he’s the man to talk to. He set us up in no time and in a few minutes we were in the water like kids in a candy shop.

Back on the ground, it’s time to head out for dinner, more drinks and more pubs.

Tofino is definitely a place to check out, ride bikes, enjoy the cool and relaxed atmosphere, go surfing, chill at the beach, bond with locals and talk all night about that thing we all love: riding !

Get in touch with the boys at Tofino Bus and they’ll help you geting there. Jump on a bus from the ferry (Nanaimo or Victoria) for a cheap ride to Tofino, rent bikes, hit the park, and simply enjoy a great weekend away from the city.

Tofino Bus
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