Well, It was a balmy -10 when I arrived in Calgary. The purpose of this trip was to present a long time employee of Bow Cycles a Special edition bike named The “FOX”. Modelled after the 2011 Jake the Snake, Bow had 51 of these bikes made and one of them was to be presented to a Real Bike guy! There are a few of these REAL Bike guyz around and Fox is one of them. Foxy had no idea that this was going to happen on this cold Saturday night in Cowtown (so cold that my shampoo and toothpaste froze out in the rental car). President of Bow Cycles Kevin “Port” Senior had called a manditory Staff meeting for 5:15 that evening. I am not sure what ALL the staff thought was going on. Needless to say, there were more than 50 People present for the staff meeting and then another 30-40 friends and family of Mr. Fox. This included Doug’s wife and daughter, Mom, Dad, and sisters. They waited upstairs in the office area so the cover wasn’t BLOWN. Fox couldn’t believe that we all kept this whole thing a total suprise from him. It took us the good part of 11 months to get the bikes produced. Bike had up-graded shifters and brakes (to Ultegra, 50-34 chainting combo and custom decals). Foxy had put in 15 years at Bow Cycles and the ownership group wanted to reward him with not only a model of bike named after him but one of his own to keep. I was thinking in my head, I have been working for Kona for 20 years and I still don’t have my own model. Foxy must be a real keeper! The night started off with a few Pilsner- the official Beer at Bow Cycles – and after the presentation the KEG party began!!!! Those boyz and girlz know how to throw a party! Good times! Great people and a Good night. Congratulations Foxy!