When he’s not crushing podiums on his cyclocross bike, Kerry’s churning out more inspiring bike content than all of your fave blogs combined, doing things like riding over mountain passes in the teeth of a snowstorm. At night. Not content just to dominate on dirt, now he’s signed on to a road racing squad, and is working with them to raise money to help get empower veterans to get pedal powered. 

While COVID laid low many professional cyclist’s years, Kerry turned 2020 into an opportunity to double down on adventure. Constantly working his social media, he did his best to inspire his followers to get outside and do the same. Through it all he’s hilarious, smart, and unbelievably nice – as evidenced by the hilariously embarrassing amount of attempts it took to get this episode of the Cog Cast taped while plagued by one ridiculous technical difficulty after another. 

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James Joiner