Our latest episode of the Kona Cog Cast features globetrotting ambassador Laura Killingbeck. James Joiner sat down with Laura at her home in Massachusets and takes us through a world of travels and epic storytelling.

“Kona ambassador Laura Killingbeck’s entire life has been an adventure. Whether she’s pedaling solo across Alaska sans plans except going and doing it, riding around Canada with just her thoughts and a parasite for company, or living on a permaculture commune in South America, Laura’s a woman who employs “hey, wanna go hitchhike across Mexico?” as a pickup line. And yeah, she’s serious. Of course she is. How’s that for a date?”

Having lived more life in just a couple decades than most people do in two lifetimes, it’s safe to say that Laura has many a story to tell. Luckily, she’s an incredible writer – you can live her words via outlets like Bicycling and Adventure Cycling – with a knack for wrapping readers in her inner monologue as though it were their own.

I caught up with Laura at her tiny house on wheels in Massachusetts for this episode of the Kona Cog Cast, our first in-person taping since COVID, and she didn’t disappoint. Give it a listen, and give her a follow for some true two-wheeled inspiration.