Bellingham – Kona dealers came from all over the US to see the 2011 range of bikes and ride with the Kona staff, product managers and team riders on August 18 & 19 this past week. They were able to ride the new 2+2, the shortest travel Magic Link bike yet with 50-100mm of variable travel as well as the 2011 Cadabra & CoilAir. They rode old school, North Shore and bike park trails on Bellingham’s Galbraith mountain for 3 hours each  day and this is what they had to say about their rides:
2+2/2+2 Deluxe:
“Felt super light. Suspension seemed bottomless, it saved my ass descending.”
“Bike was in perfect operating condition. Fun to ride!
“Crushed & rolled over everything!”
“New Magic Link was fantastic. Loved the 10 speed drivetrain. Keep making Scandium bikes!”
“Climbed great. Felt like a hardtail until I hit something.”
Cadabra/Abra Cadabra
“ Really nice balanced feel, Cornered really well. Accelerated and climbed really well. When travel engaged it feel deep & uninhibited throughout. Easton wheels felt responsive and solid.”
“Pillowy – bottomless feel.”
“Plush feel of suspension. Great front end geometry.”
“Climbed really well”
“Fast & predictable on technical sections.”
“Awesome improvements to geometry. Super stiff laterally. Great spec & colors.”
“Great improvements in geometry & spec. “
“Pleasantly surprised. Climbed really well, descended like a champ.”
“Loved the Magic Link. Scandium is the best! Your local trails are great.”
“Bike felt great all around. Climbed well. I was confident descending anything.”
“This bike really blew me away. The overall feel and ride was amazing. Very impressed.”
“Pedals great! Jumps great! Handles DH trails very nicely.”
“Pedalled awesome. Great spec & looks.”
“Felt laterally stiff. As good as anything else out there. Bring back Matt paint!”