photoKona dealers came out to Bootleg Canyon near Las Vegas on Monday and Tuesday to ride the 2010 Cadabra and Abra Cadabra
during the Interbike On Dirt Demo. Here’s what they had to say about the new Magic Link bike:

“Climbed very well, travel on descents was like riding a DH bike.”

“Loved the plush suspension”

“Uphill pedalling is perfect”

“Love the versatility of the design”

“Felt stiff and balanced. Excellent component choices”

“Endless travel. Climbs very well”

“Descending was great. Solid and predictable. Magic Link works!”

“Setup was straightforward. Climbed well, and travel “turns on” for descending. Overall impressed.”

“Good handling. Really like the tunability of the rear suspension”

“Super stable, climbed like a goat. Much stiffer than the original CoilAir Magic Link”

“Climbing was almost as fun as descending. Love the Magic Link”

“All-round great ride, good at climbing, wicked down”

“Magic Link really works. Plush suspension”

“Like the pedalling efficiency”