Adding to our exclusive selection of the world’s best Bike Parks, the Kona Destinations program and its partners showcase the top riding areas in Canada to give you the ultimate biking experience. Check out our first Destinations spotlight brought to you by Bodie Shandro of Surf it Boards and Bikes in Heffley Lake, BC.

“It’s all about fun and easy riding here, cruzy relaxed backroads and single-track trails where you rarely see a another soul.  The 26” Fire Mountain and 29″ Mahuna were made for this type of recreational, laid back riding. Sure Kamloops has it’s own scene and so does nearby Sun Peaks Resort, but riding around Heffley Lake is so chill, just the way I love it. Where there is no better way to rinse of the dust than grabbing some of the top paddle board gear, jumping on a paddle board and hitting the water. 8km of pristine bays, wildlife galore and hardly a sole in sight!

Boards and Bikes combines my two summer passions into a fun filled day of riding and paddleboarding. Regardless of age or ability we will put a smile on your face! No experience required to have the time of your life!

To partner with Kona was pure karma, we all share the same ethos for life. Strong surf roots and spirit say a lot about who you are, a social and environmental connection,  putting your soul into everything you do. My kind of people!”

Contact :
Surf It, Board and Bikes
2388 Heffley Lake Road
Heffley Lake BC V0E 1Z1
Tel: 1 250 318 0722