Connor Pietermaritzburg profile

Connor’s version of the “blue steel” look

Only one week to go until the Kona DH Team meets up in Europe for the next UCI World Cups. Round three will be taking us to Fort William (Scotland) on June 7th and round four will be held in Leogang (Austria) on June 14th. Below is a summary of the beginning of the season, accompanied by a media story on each rider.

Connor Pietermaritzburg bike

Connor supremely operating in Pietermaritzburg.

Connor got a very satisfying 25th position on the difficult Pietermaritzburg World Cup track back in April. Despite clocking in top ten riding times in the week leading up the Cairns World Cup, he suffered a devastating crash that put him in 38th position on race day. That result was a very hard hit to take (excuse the pun) for the whole team. “I was crashing. I couldn’t believe what happened. Unfortunately this race wasn’t as good as I had planned. I don’t think I made any mistakes by crashing I was pushing the limit and in this sport that’s what you have to do.” Connor dealt with the disheartening situation in an admirably professional manner, proving us once again how great of an athlete he truly is. Needless to say, he is 100% ready for redemption.

Connor Cairns Ride

“Of mud and blood” – Vital MTB could not have chosen better words for the Cairns WC.

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Andrew has been recovering really well from his knee injury. He’s been following an intense physio program, he is able to walk (no moonwalk just yet) and, he’s been riding his road bike on the trainer for a week now. “All I can think about is getting back on the bike and getting fit again!” He will be back with the team in July for a training camp in Bromont (Quebec) prior to the Mont Sainte-Anne world cup where you can expect to see his pretty face. Read: Andrew Crimmins and the Road Back

Andrew Riding Australia

​Andrew brapping away. We can’t wait for his return in July.

Andrew Knew Surgery

Andrew’s knee. His surgeon totally nailed it.

Teagan Molloy, Australian female junior rider racing under the Kona Australia banner, is taking part in all the World Cups this year and we’re giving her hand at the races. Teagan finished first junior female in Pietermaritzburg and Cairns.
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Teagan Riding Australia

​Tegan’s got skills and she’s got style.