picture-5Demo Report by Trevor Torres

I had the opportunity to go out and help the entity known as Jimmy James on a Kona demo in Black Rock Oregon. Black Rock is nestled amongst the Firs on the foothills west of Salem Oregon and is home to some of the sickest trails around. I was on vacation and was in Hood River a couple days prior getting my shralp on! The anticipation to get to Black Rock was intense, haven been the year prior. Oregon is like giving heroin to a junkie for a bike rider. Such an epic area for biking!

The demo was sick. There were so many stoked people waiting to get on our bikes, average wait time was at least 45 minutes per bike! A lot of conversation resulted and the vibe was great. A lot of bicycle companies where there vying for attention from the hoards of people. The demo was extremely organized and was loads of fun to be a part of.

It is important to note that BRMBA (Black Rock Mountain Bike Association) was building a line for Semenuk to hit for the upcoming New World Disorder film. Our Stinky Six left the tent with a stoked rider and he proceeded to hit the line which included a gap step up that was 20+ feet, into a road gap. With Semenuk being injured and unable to hit the line first, I was super excited he hit it first on the demo Stinky Six.

Later in the day I hooked up with some locals who were part of BRMBA and helped do some dirt work on a step down transfer, that was intimidating to say the least! Their vision is amazing and dirt skills are second to none. It was great to hang out and throw dirt with such a tight community. You could sense the deep respect they had for one another. They were stoked that we wanted to dig with them and were gracious enough to allow us to camp within the gate for a couple. I can’t tell you how awesome it was to wake up roll over and get your ride on. I love bikes!

P.S. If you find yourself in Salem after a day at Black Rock hit up Venti’s Cafe, located downtown…!

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