Manivelo is a cool Kona dealer located in Arnhem, Netherlands. They’ve just built this really cool Rove ST for one of their customers.

The customer came to us last year with the request for a timeless strong and nice looking gravel bike. He also wanted to use the bike as a daily commuter for traveling to town and to work. He was definitely into boutique and nice brands that produce high-quality products and he’d already gathered some information for fenders, racks, etc. He wanted to give the bike a way more personal and timeless touch.

We first went for custom lighting on and around the bike with Supernova lights and Son dynamo hub but this was removed from the option list. With all those options the bike would be twice the price of the original bike, which just sounded and felt strange. In the end, we went for Velo Orange Snakeskin fenders, pedals and front rack. On the rear, we went for a super nice and light rack from Bella Ciao, named the Superba. Holding it, it looks so nice, felt light (450grams), and just beautiful welds. To give the bike a more personal touch we went for a calf leather bar tape and a calf leather saddle named Aspin from the French brand Berthoud Cycles.

The handlebar comes in a slightly darker color because it would get a bit dirty otherwise and the saddle in a light natural shade because “it just looks good”. The saddle is great since you can tighten the deck with a imbus on the front instead of a difficult key with Brooks saddle’s, and the rivets on the saddle are really tucked in the leather, this way saving your expensive shorts!

We had just finished the bike and the photographer would be there in an hour and the owner wouldbe there not long after and I suddenly thought about making a chainstay protector in the right style. So I called a local shoemaker, who is a huge bike enthusiast for a strip of leather to attach to the chainstay. I glued the strip of leather on a piece of Velox handlebar tape and glued it on the chainstay. We’re pretty stoked with the result!

All photos:  Merlijn Spenkelink