Andy‘s new Rove LTD is his #pizzapacking, whatever surface, dirt-rando, big-dumb-ride bike. Andy was getting frustrated with “gravel bikes” forcing him to choose between a bike with rack mounts and a fast and capable ride, but then he discovered this 2021 Rove LTD frameset on “Holy fork-crown-rack-mount batman”. It was love at first sight. “A bike comfortable enough for my 300km rides, fast enough to race, AND capable of carrying my favorite ride and race fuel (a gallon zip lock bag full of pizza slices!) is, in my eyes, the perfect bike. I focused on reliable, serviceable, tough parts because I tend to huck my gravel bike down sketchy scree-filled single track and engage in other under-biking nonsense. I then kitted the bike out with wares from some of my favorite small makers and craftspeople. 

The drivetrain is a tried a tested “seems fine technology” combination of Shimano GRX, Ultegra RX, 105, and a SRAM chain and cassette that gives me that wall climbing 31×36 low gear I crave. For wheels, we’ve got sturdy Shimano 105 hubs laced up to some 700c Mavic Open Pro UST rims with 32 spokes (to support 6’3” and 200lbs of idiot.) For tires, I’ve fitted @ultraromance’s @ultradynamico Rosé tires in a width of “42ish mm” (which I run tubeless) and are truly excellent for the kind of riding I do. I prefer a meaty 700c over 650b and it’s rad this frame fits this big a 700c tire. 

The build’s rounded out with Thomson stem and post, a Fizik saddle, a Salsa Cowbell in “ready to send it” wide 46mm, stainless cages, a friendly reminder to eat my pizza from @senditsafely, a @bikejerks stem cap paying homage beatnik illustrator R. Crumb, and bottles from @bikeneticfc, @southernwonders, and @bottlesabdbartape

The bags are really what set this big-miles-rig off, though! The seat bag is hand-made by my buddy Dan at @ptapdesigns and the basket bag is a custom creation from @troutmoose out of the Cheese State. They are made in a matching Xpac Multicam because I’m from the south and camo is my favorite color. The front bag sits in a Wald 137 basket I cut in half with a hacksaw. 

This bike is a dream for loading up with pizza and crushing big miles, on uncertain terrain, as fast as possible… I love it. They’ll have to bury me with this thing.
I’m currently building up a complementary Sutra ULTD for even bigger, dumber rides.