Bicycle Crumbs is hands-down one of our favorite illustrators. His unique style has graced skateboard graphics, posters, patches, magazine covers, riding kit and would you believe it, socks, but it’s at its most prevalent on his personal instagram page. Crumbs uses this channel as spot to write long form product reviews, each review partnered up with an epic graphic illustration worthy of hanging on your wall. He’s also known to rant a little too, mainly about a particular brands ergonomics.

A few months back we sent him a Process 153 CR 27.5 for a long term review, he asked ever so politely if we cared if he swapped out some of the parts. As you can see, we didn’t. He went and turned this thing in to one seriously cool yet subtle Dream Build. He didn’t see any need to change the drive train or suspension but wanted to bling out the cockpit and wheels. I’m sure you’ll agree that the addition of the ENVE M630 rims and handlebar, Chris King hubs and headset and those awesome skinwall WTB’s have upped the bling factor somewhat.

A Chris King headset in matte turquoise anchors the ENVE M7 bar and matching stem.

While Fabric’s slip on Push grips keep Crumbs hands in place.

And the big ticket upgrade has to be the matte turquoise Chris King hubs laced to ENVE M630 rims. You don’t get much more dreamy than that!

The color matching is so on point is not even funny.

Crumbs carefully curated Process CR 27.5 is proof that you don’t have to go crazy when building your Dream Kona, personalizing your bike can be as simple as building a lighter set of wheels or adding your favourite handlebar and saddle.