We spotted  Milan Bosančić’s 2015 Rove AL on Instagram the other day and were stopped in our tracks by the red bar tape and red hits in the Novatec wheels. Closer inspection revealed a pretty damn dialed light bike packing rig. We reached out to Milan for more info on the build and it turns out, that although he’s owned the original bike for a number of years, this was his first ever custom build. Well, I’m sure you’ll agree with us that he has well and truly nailed it with this bike.

First of all, let me introduce myself. I’m Milan Bosančić, and I come from Europe, more precisely from Serbia. My first contact with cycling goes way back to my childhood. I got my first bicycle when I was five. Since then, as I’ve grown older, my passion for cycling grown stronger. Recently I decided to build my first dream bike all by myself. The main reason I wanted a custom bike, is that a friend and I plan to do a little bike trip around Balkan. The whole project took me about one and a half month to complete. I wanted a good allrounder capable of light-touring and bike-packing. The Kona Rove that I already owned seemed to be the perfect frameset for that. I fell in love with that bike when I bought it. The mix of Shimano’s road and MTB components gives the perfect combination for my needs.  Its good for fun on offroad tracks, but it’s still capable of reaching higher speeds on flat surfaces.

You don’t see a lot of complete Novatec wheelsets out there, their low end hubs have given them a bit of a bad reputation over the years but the D712SB wheels are solid reliable choice for this stealthy Rove

The Drivetrain is a mix of road and MTB. A Shimano XTR derailleur shifts on a SRAM 11-36 cassette out back.

Up front, it’s an all XT affair with 38/24t chainrings on XT Cranks.

Up at the bars, shifting is looked after by a pair of reliable Shimano 105 levers.

Braking is taken care of by a set of cable actuated Hayes CX Expert’s.

Up at the bars a set of auxiliary levers give Milan a few more options bar options.

Damn, I just love this bike!

Other than the Easton Havoc stem the remaining parts of the bike have been kept from the OG build.

Well all except the Brooks Conquest All Terrain saddle.