Yes you read that right. Today’s Dream Build comes way out of left field, this Kona Remote is a multipurpose e-commuter that does double duty as a bike-packing rig that crushes rail-trails! I could try and explain it but I think its a smarter move to let owner Marco from Velo+ in Kansas City talk you thought it.

This is my Kona Remote.  Here in Kansas City, E-bikes are not allowed on our mountain bike trails.  However, they are allowed on rails to trails as well as paved trails.  I really like the Big Honzo as a platform and the Remote reminded me a lot of that.  So I decided to order a Remote and make it into more of a commuter/bike packer.  

The parts spec reflects comfort as well as performance.  The Niner fork is nice and light but still offers 3 pack mounts if I ever get the time to go do a 2 or 3-day trip.  Being a shop owner is fun, but it’s been a crazy last 3 months.  Thomson seat post and Thomson BMX stem because they just work and are reliable and light.  The surly Sunrise bar has a huge rise and is super wide.  I’m built a bit like a semi-truck so wide bars are my friend.  I built up some XTR hubs on WTB I35 KOM light rims (32 hole) because I wanted high performance, light, and most of all reliable.  Wolftooth headset and seat collar were choices because I think they make a great product and every bike needs a little bling.  The Fabric Cell Radius saddle was an easy choice for me.  I usually ride without a chamois and this saddle is silly comfortable in the normal clothes that I commute in.  The Schwalbe Hurricane is a great tire for mixed terrain.  It rolls fast but still has the ability to bite in on a loose corner.  Coupled with Tannus Armour Tire inserts, flats have pretty much gone away.

So, now the big question, “why singlespeed?”.   Well, the answer is simple… reliability.  The Shimano motor pairs really nicely with the singlespeed set up and I can easily cruise at 18mph on boost or 15mph or so on the trail.  I’ve been a singlespeed guy since the mid-90s, but recent knee surgeries have made that tough for me on the trails, so this was a way for me to relive my youth and enjoy the simplicity of a fully rigid singlespeed again.  You can call it my mid-life crisis of sorts.  Instead of buying a sports car, I got an E-bike……