Greg Belville loves steel bikes. He wanted to build a playful bike that would take on all side-hits and be super responsive on turns “I don’t really need full suspension in Iowa, so the Honzo came highly recommended and gave me the chance to build it up exactly the way I wanted.”
“This whole thing almost didn’t happen.  My wife and I were talking about building it, I had been saving up, then we found out we were going to have our second baby.  At that point, I thought that it was game over for the new bike.  She surprised me on Christmas day and told me that she had reached out to Vince at Ponderosa Cyclery and had ordered me a frame.”
I knew I wanted a Wolf Tooth ring. I have them on other bikes, I was a little skeptical about the elliptical but it has been great. The ring is mounted up to a RaceFace Turbine crank.
I really wanted an 11 speed, and I like the way the XT shifts.  I was also really wanted the XT stopping power.

Fox Factory Float 34 – You only get to build one dream bike (at least that’s what my wife said).

Kona Wah Wah II pedals – These are awesome! Great value, great platform, great grip.

Hunter Smooth Move handlebars – these things are sweet.

The Brooks C15 all-weather saddle has been the biggest surprise of the bike so far. Again, I was a little skeptical, hadn’t seen a lot of them on mountain bikes.  It has been great.  I’m going to get another one. 

People always say a dropper will change your life.  They were right.  The Fox Transfer came recommended quality-wise over competitors at similar price points, and it matched (which isn’t important, except that it is).

Could not have built this bike without Wolf Tooth’s dropper remote – I really like their products.

The wheels are I9 torch hubs on hand built Velocity Blunt SS rims – I9’s had a great reputation for being high quality and reliable.  Also, both wheels and hubs are made in the USA! 

Onza Canis tubeless tires keen the bike hooking up, I really wanted a quality gum-wall tire.

” This thing was a pleasure to build, though. Even better to ride! I see it as a modern classic. Steel frame, skinwall rubber, Hunter bars, Brooks… but with (most) every modern feature in dirt tech. And the color! So good!” – Vince, Ponderosa Cyclery