As a mechanic and ski technician at Ruckus Ski and Board in Prince Geroge, BC, Jacob Mullen is more used to building other peoples Kona Dream Builds than his own. For some, his 29″ wheeled Process 165 is going to appear as more of a nightmare.

Jacob has stripped the paint completely of a 2019 Process 165, robbed the wheels, drive train and fork off a Process 153 CR DL 29, (yup those are 29″ wheels) and built himself the “Kona Party Wagon”. It’s sporting a Race Face Next R bar and stem with OneUp’s EDC tool, both wheels are sporting Cush Core front and back.

It’s not exactly a looker though, the DYEDBRO Hawaiian frame protector and retro Kona stickers won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but for Jacob this is bike is a Hawaiian shirt wearing Farwell Canyon slaying weapon of a franken bike. And that’s it, we don’t have anything else for you… Jacob’s Process Franken Party Dream Bike.

Jacob and the Party Bike getting Zesty at Farwell Canyon earlier this summer.