Jarrod‘s Kona Dream Build Submission came via Instagram and looked intriguing from the start. We love Humu‘s (well we love all Kona’s) and this one appeared like it was getting some serious use and abuse in and around Moab. After reaching out to Jarrod for a few extra photos and a bit more information on the build we got a small essay on the life of the bike (and the life of Jarrod) since its purchase in 2007. So without further ado we’ll hand this over to Jarrod.

I have owned this ride since new, purchased in 2007 from Bicycle World of Louisiana when I was living and wrenching down there after hurricane Katrina. I registered it with the NOPD, when the number of my year of birth was coming close to circulation, 1979. Its New Orleans roots are what inspired the headset, what I like to call the Mardi Gras King, Black, Green Purple and Gold pieced together not purchased, dont think that color combo was ever available from Chris King. (random side note, I helped dig and construct a dirt jump park with the local MTB chapter NOMAMBA that was funded by a grant from Kona during the grassroots Kona Jump Park days)

I was drawn to the Humu when we received two in the shop, mostly due to the adjustable dropouts with disc brakes and the additional mid tube that just screamed Klunker to me! It was almost identical to the singlespeed Kona Unit but it had discs! I originally purchased it as a commuter, installed fenders and swapped the BMX bars for a more traditional riser bar. 

Over the years it has seen many miles, I was living car-less and towing a bob trailer for grocery and laundry duties in its early years. Took it out for a self-supported weekend touring around central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, about 180 miles of country roads averaging 11mph… it was fun! I had done some minor upgrades like tires, custom color chains, small things to customize it like the built-in tensioner using a headset bolt, v-brake washers and a nut to lock it down.

Then in 2013, I entered the Red Bull Road Rage event held in Georgetown, CO. I gave it a decent facelift to compete, including sourcing a derailleur hanger equipped dropout, 1×9 drivetrain that was road oriented with an 11-27t cassette, and skinny 26×1.5″ tires. I ended being the only 26″ bike that qualified for the finals, top 16, all others were on 700c road bikes! The Humu and I made a couple appearances in the official vid, wearing my girls pink skid lid and all! (https://youtu.be/gblfrn%lpJ4)

Fast forward to 2015 and I found myself back in Massachusetts caring for my Mother and riding the MTB trails I grew up on with it, after installing a 100mm travel Fox Vanilla to handle the rocks and roots that is! After my Mom passed, we went back to Colorado, and I decided to stop riding it on the trails so much due to abuse that CO will deal out and built a full squish to ride offroad and went back to rigid singlespeed with the Kona.

The parts and pieces have changed many times, so it’s difficult to give an exact purpose in which it was built for, one thing I love about it is the versatility, but I have always tried to keep it on the Klunker side of things. In its current build, the most recent epic adventure it has embarked on was a White Rim lap in a day, my first offroad century! Fully rigid single speed, 100 miles of doubletrack, 6,000ft of elevation gain, that was epic indeed. I have also taken it up onto Slickrock from town, and ridden it up Amasa Back then down Rockstacker and Jackson trails, both while rigid and one geared.

The build isn’t all top of the line parts, but I do try to make upgrades as I go, I love throwing random parts on it and changing it up from time to time. I would love to upgrade the wheelset as they are the originals to the bike, but other than that I am really happy with its current setup! As you can tell, it has led a long life and is quite weathered, no, make that Well Loved 🙂

Frame: 2005 Kona Humu Humu Nuku Nuku Apua’A Deluxe – it still glows in the dark 🙂
Fork: Kona Project 2 26″ Disc
Headset: Mardi Gras themed Chris King NoThreadset
Stem: Thomson 6-bolt BMX Stem
Handlebar: Oddity Cycles custom riser bar
Grips: Lizard Skins Peaty Grips
Brakes: Avid Juicy 5Front
Hub: Stock Disc Hub converted to solid axle to prevent theft (Bolt-on instead of QR)
Rear Hub: Stock SS Disc hub
Rims: Alex DM-24
Tires: DMR Supermoto 26×2.4 Skinwall
Freewheel: 18t fine engagement, mfr unknown
Chain: KMC Z-410 Black – Half-linked to tuck rear wheel
Chainring: Race Face 32t 
Crankset: Truvativ Stylo
Bottom Bracket: GXP
Pedals: Shimano DX 636
Seatpost: Bear Bone Ti Pro Lite Scandium
Saddle: Vintage Kona Race Light