John Watson at the Radavist just picked himself up a new Sony mirrorless camera. His buddy Kyle just finished upgrading his 2020 Swift X Rove with some baller Industry 9 carbon hoops, a bunch of Thomson bits, and some of that always rad Camp and Go Slow bar tape.  It was the perfect time to test the camera and put together an epic photo set on this seriously rad bike. We just have a couple of teaser images here, for the full in-depth gallery head over to the Radavist now!

The customer came to us last year with the request for a timeless strong and nice looking gravel bike. He also wanted to use the bike as a daily commuter for traveling to town and to work. He was definitely in to boutique and nice brands that produce high-quality products and he’d already gathered some information for fenders, racks, etc. He wanted to give the bike a way more personal and timeless touch.