Meet Bob.

Bob and I have been getting to know each other since January. Bobs become a good friend,

We’ve had some great adventures so far.

Bobs a bit out there. Bobs not really scared of anything. Nothing seems like too much of a challenge for Bob. Because of these traits Bob likes to lead me into doing things I don’t really want to do. Really dumb stuff.

But like any good friend Bob helps me through things I don’t want to do.
“Trust me bro, we got this”

Bob turns mistakes into little happy accidents. (Seriously you can’t seem to do wrong on this thing.)

Glad to have Bob in my life. Looking forward to having more adventures with Bob

Bob started life as a stock Process X CR DL. But Bob’s owner Jake likes blue things more than red things so swapped out the drivetrain for a simple Shimano SLX setup.

Bob utilizes Shimano XT stoppers and because Bob’s owner is an ex-pat he loves building his bikes with parts from the British isles, like this Burgtec Bryceland bar and stem.
Bob spends his days waiting for Jake to get home from his days as a suspension technician at Suspension Works. That could be why Bob is running a funny green DVO Jade rear coil shock.
And Bob rolls on a sweet set of Wheelworks Enduro Light carbon hoops, handmade by Jakes work made, Gavin.

A matching set of Maxxis Assegai tires, a DYEDbro frame kit and some OneUp goodness round out the build.