My latest build is Kona’s most recent iteration of the Process 153 DL 29. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a 153. My last two bikes were a Process 134 and, more recently, a Process X. After coming to the realization that I just wasn’t rad enough for the X, I made the decision to opt for the updated geo on the alloy 153 DL 29. The changes made on this bike from the previous generations of both carbon and alloy bikes are subtle but helpful. The head tube is now 64.5º (was 66º), the seat tube is 76.6º (was 75.5º), the reach has increased by 5mm and is now 515m on my XL, and the chainstays have increased from 425mm to 435mm. Like I said, subtle changes, but all more than welcome.

I’ve kept a few parts from my last two builds, the Chris King / Reserve wheelset for one, also the Chris King headset, and a few of the OneUp Components bits and pieces.

I swapped out the entire drivetrain for a mix of SRAM XO and XX1. XO1 carbon cranks and a 32t chainring with OneUp chainguide get things moving.

A copper-colored XX1 chain wraps around an XX1 cassette and is shifted by a SRAM XO1 rear derailleur.

At 6’4″ and over 200lbs, the stock Lyrik Select is more than adequate but I swapped out the damper for the classic Charger RCT3. After using the RC2 Damper on my Zeb and on my last Lyrik Ultimate, I realized that I couldn’t tell the difference between the performance of the two, plus I barely used the high-speed compression dial, and I’m a set-and-forget kinda guy.

Currently, the rear shock is the only remaining bit of the original build, but I will be swapping this out for a RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate in the coming weeks.

Given my height, OneUp’s high-rise carbon bars have been an absolute game-changer. The 50mm OneUp stem will be getting replaced with their new 42mm stem in the near future. The Chris King headset is now on its third bike and still spins like the day I first installed it!

I’ve been a big fan of the OneUp grips, they fit my hands perfectly and the ribs on the underside of them really help keep my hands in place when holding on for dear life! There’s more OneUp with their faultless dropper lever too. Braking is taken care of with a set of SRAM Code RSCs with upgraded carbon levers. The little doohicky takes my Suunto smartwatch.
At the other end of those cables, you’ll find OneUp’s new 240mm dropper post and some SRAM Code calipers.

The Chris King / Reserve wheels have been going strong for three bikes now and, thanks to the original build from Wheelworks, still spin as true as the day they were laced over three years ago! I recently upgraded the valves to the Reserve Fillmore’s and can tell you that they are life-changing. They NEVER clog and just move so much more air with a single effortless pump. I’m never running anything else.

The bottle cage is the Morse Cage from WolthTooth/King Cage and features more than normal fore/aft movement, OneUp’s large volume EDC pump also houses a Co2 canister under the end cap.

I once was a media Squid, and when Anka and Sven sent me this honorary DYEDbro kit last year, I just knew it was gonna be the perfect wrap for this bike. Super stoked about how it turned out. The build is rounded out with some OE Maxxis rubber—an Assegai up front, and a Minion DHR out the back.