This past weekend the Radavist’s Morgan Taylor had planned to race his first cyclocross race of the season. For the occasion, he built up a pristine single speed 2017 Private Jake frame-set with the meticulous detail that his complete bikes are known for. Every part is researched and thought out, discussed at length and their appearance weighed up against pure functionality and longevity. This Kona Dream Build is a result of that process and leaves very little on the floor, no doubt though Morgan will find ways to improve this bike (however small) over the coming Vancouver cross season for this-this new baby is seriously cool Dream Build.

Turns out, Morgan never made Saturday’s cross race. “Well, it would appear that registering for a race is a good way to encourage your wife to go into labor. Before 8:30 on that Saturday morning, Stephanie and I had welcomed our new baby girl into the world. This upcoming weekend might be her first ‘cross race, and this bike’s as well.”