Guy has been working on and off for New England Bike (formally known as Gravity Warehouse) since he was a freshman in high school. over that time hes built up a solid collection of Kona’s… Old and New. When this new Wo came out in 2018, it was much lighter than the outgoing model and really fresh. Guy fell in love with the color “knowing that Kona does not over-produce, I made sure to order one early.”

I did not have a 29+ and neither did Kona, I had thought about another bike but I really wanted to keep er’ Kona. I already had an idea for this sucker in mind, I bought the bike and it sat in my barn for the next year or so. Our manager Dana needed a set of wheels for his fatty, so I pulled the stock wheels off of this and let him use them all season. Another buddy needed brakes, same, pulled them off of this, then it just sat derelict in the box, poor thing.

I started collecting purple components when I saw the Burgtec product, the pedals and stem were original looking stuff and I needed an excuse… It went on from there, more purple.

I have been having some nerve trouble with my hands recently and decided to try some of the Ergon stuff, tapered grips and their fresh new E bike saddle.

If I had to build a set of wheels, then Hope practically are the only ones doing cool colored fat specific hubs… and Sun Ringle rims because well, I loved all the Rhyno lites.


Full XT drivetrain (shifter, cassette, medium cage clutch derailleur, chain) and a set of SLX brakes with the fancy cooling fin pads.
Maxxis tires because, Duh, DHR’s grip.

I plan to just ride this Bad Larry like any other trail bike, group rides, after work quickies and maybe a longer quest if I get some baggage.