I’m getting worried, this bike has only been in shops for just over a month, and I’m pretty sure we are going to be seeing a bunch more of these pop up as Dream Builds. Before this bike and colour even arrived on the scene we’d already used up Purple Rain (on Clayton’s Process 153), The Color Purple (on Deirdre’s Libre) Purple Haze (on Graeme’s Process 153) and Deep Purple (on Rich’s Process 153) and well, there are just not that many plays on the word left. Luckily these Dream Builds don’t need a clever title or some click bait title to hook you in. They are just that rad, and Sean’s is proof of that.

“I was previously a full-time bike mechanic at Skookum Cycle in Revelstoke, BC, and I’ve spent the last bunch of years sorting out the build details for the perfect bike for the wide variety of riding around my hometown.”

“I’ve spent a few years great years on the Honzo CR/DL Trail, and after a killer season on the Process CR 29 last year, I put together my Dream Build for my 2020 Process CR/DL 29.  The stock build checks all the boxes and is a ton of fun, just a couple of tweaks were needed to dial it in.”

The bike is rocking the stock drivetrain fresh out the box, but the wheels have been swapped for DT Swiss 350 hubs laced to DT Swiss EX 511 wheels to keep things rolling smoothly.

The Lyrik Lowers have been swapped and a 170mm Air Spring added to tackle anything that Revy and Sean can throw at it.

For a comfy ride Sean is running a Chromag Trailmaster saddle, up front you’ll find the Raceface’s SIXC 35mm bars with a Turbine R stem holding things down.

“After a full season on last year’s Process CR 29, the bike felt right at home from the start, I pushed up the local epic, Mt. Cartier, for the maiden voyage.  I got tired, the bike definitely didn’t.”